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The Canada anti-spam law and marketing: now how do I reach my audience?


With the new Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL) in effect throughout Canada, how will you reach your audience if you are no longer able to contact them through email without a hefty fine? The Canada anti-spam law and marketing are going head to head, it seems.

The Canada anti-spam law and marketing: how to reach your audience

If you haven’t taken the necessary measures to get your clients’ approval to continue receiving email from you before July 1st, then the anti-spam law has a chokehold on your ability to do your outreach and contact them by email going forward. “A lot of small companies and conference organizers are finding themselves in a difficult situation and have been reaching out since mid-June in an effort to see what can be done,” says Rachel Stephan, CEO of sensov/ event marketing.

So how can you reach your audience, as well as new clients, from this point on? You may need help reaching your current clients and potential ones as well. We have the Canada anti-spam law and marketing down to a science. Here are some ways in which to ensure that the Canada anti-spam law doesn’t hinder your marketing efforts going forward.

1- Social campaigns

With some creative content creation and marketing, social networks are a great way to reach out to prospective and current clientele in an effort to promote your business or an upcoming event.

With geo-targeting through both promoted and organic posts, you can reach your intended audience and ensure that your message reaches the right people every single time.

Whether you want to increase website traffic, conversions, brand awareness brand or identity, or communicate and interact with key audiences, social campaigns are a great way to reach your audience and get their consent going forward.

2- Print

Some might say that print is dead, but if your options include getting a hefty fine by bucking the new anti-spam law or sending out some snail mail, perhaps the latter may sound more inviting to your accounting department.

With the right flyers, brochures and the like, you can recoup the majority of your clientele and make major strides with outreach to new clientele, given that you have their mailing addresses.

3- Web marketing

Online marketing has become somewhat of a rite of passage for most companies who want to stay top-of-mind with current clients, as well as prospects, and with the right web marketing efforts, you can ensure that you reach the right people and get the results you want. From mobile-friendly ads to display ads, your message can reach audiences far and wide or cover a small niche of customers interested in your product, service or event.

4- Optimization

Creating content is not simply about finding a topic and writing about it; you need to know how to optimize your content to ensure that the right people land on your pages. That said, your landing pages should not only be optimized, they must be eye-catching and have a clear call to action as well.

With strong calls to action and an esthetically pleasing page, you can ensure a maximum amount of signups with consent!

5- Explicit consent

Speaking of consent, once you get visitors to your landing pages, you want to ensure that they not only stick around, but that they want to continue receiving updates from you. Creating an explicit consent page or popup that requires them to do nothing more than enter their email address and tick a box is your best way to achieve this.

In order to make the offer inviting, however, you need to be clear about what you plan to do with their email address. The anti-spam law and marketing can work cohesively if your objectives are transparent. Be clear that you will only reach out occasionally about important news, promotions, etc. This will create visitor confidence and result in more leads.

Need help with the Canada anti-spam law and marketing?

Do you need help dealing with the Canada anti-spam law and marketing? We can help you with your social, content, marketing, and website needs. Contact sensov/ today for a free assessment.

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