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How can my conference appeal to millennials?

Have you noticed that the number of millennials present at your congresses or other events can stand to improve? The next generation of leaders in our society, millennials are a cohort of twenty-somethings that collectively account for about 20% of Canada’s population. 72% of millennials would like to increase their spending on live events next year. (click to tweet)

How can event planners appeal to this generation that’s starting to dominate the working landscape? Let’s explore some strategies together.

Don’t stereotype

Approaching millennials with a one-size-fits-all strategy will cause you to miss the mark. As you start coming up with tactics to appeal to them, avoid throwing them all in the same boat. Remember that while the media you use to reach them might be different compared to your other attendees, the message and intent behind it remains the same. Millennials are actually a great fit for associations, so interacting with them in meaningful ways will pay off!

Get outside

Considering that 81 percent of millennials indicate they will probably add extra time to a business trip, meeting planners need to make strong recommendations for pre- and post-event experiences to attract them. Search for natural landmarks or quirky tours that’ll get them excited about your event and plan a “bleisure” trip.

Go green

Millennials have grown up in a world threatened by climate change. They have been urged to recycle more, they have been lectured on endangered species and deforestation, and a lot of them take environmental matters very seriously. The number of people aged 15-20 willing to pay more for services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact has risen to 72%. Encourage green transportation to the event, use eco-friendly materials, and recycle on-site. It will leave millennials feeling satisfied with their decision to attend.

Entertain them

Spend time coming up with a unique, fun installation to engage all attendees at your event that will resonate especially well with millennials. Give them an experience that’s on-theme, shareable, and provides a relaxed atmosphere. 24% of millennials attend just for the “social media bragging rights”. Trends like photo booths and virtual reality will stand the test of time! Plus, like all attendees, millennials put great importance on the quality of the content, networking opportunities, and memorable swag!

Get social

Social media is a key ingredient in building buzz for your events, and understanding timing, hashtags, and live tweeting is imperative. If you know any millennials personally, you may be tempted to invest all your efforts in one or two of the platforms du jour. But not all young people are hooked on social media; 54% don’t have a Snapchat account! It’s best to base your decisions on what’s most appropriate for your attendees and avoid a blanket strategy, opting instead to work with the strengths of several different platforms.

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