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How can I implement 360 video in my event?

Have you ever watched a 360° video? Here is one example, captured from the seat of a roller coaster. What appears to be a normal video at first turns into something absolutely awe-inspiring when you realize you can click-and-drag your way around the scene in the same way you would turn your head and look around. You can feel the anticipation and fear increase as you climb higher and higher up the slope, because the ability to interactively scan the surroundings in 360 video is unprecedented and ultra-realistic.

360° videos can earn as much as 46% more views compared to standard video, with significantly higher organic share rates. (click to tweet)

In the events and meetings industry, there has never been a better time to embrace this technology. For the past few years, we’ve acknowledged that video is king; it will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2021, after all. 360 video is a logical next step thanks to its simple execution and implementation. Attendees, both virtual and in-person, can be effectively engaged.

What should you know before you dive into the world of 360 video for your event? Read our takeaways below.

VR vs 360 video: What’s the difference?

Both of these technologies allow you to be immersed in an environment. However, VR usually refers to top-of-the-line headsets that are tethered to powerful computers, allowing users to interact in a virtual world that was designed from scratch like in a video game. 360 video requires no special equipment to enjoy, but it can be used with basic and inexpensive VR-style goggles along with a smartphone to mimic the effect of more sophisticated VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. In essence, you can give attendees a VR experience for a fraction of the price!

In the middle of the action

What were you planning on videotaping for your event’s promotion? Destination marketing, plenary livestreams, interviews with exhibitors? All of these and more can be filmed using a special 360-degree camera instead of a traditional rig. By implementing this simple swap, you can create truly engaging and fresh video content that positions your event on the cutting-edge of technology. See what an interview with Michael Phelps on the stage of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit looks in 360-degrees.

Make the idea of face-2-face a little more sexy

If you are one of the many event planners and marketers who have spent countless nights contemplating whether face-2-face meetings are being replaced by social media and the virtual world, we hear you! Event planners and marketers need to continually innovate in order to encourage attendance at our meetings. Truth is, Millennials still want to attend your event – you just need to give is a bit of sex appeal. How better to show off your sexiness than immersing potential attendees into the experience with 360 video. If attendees crave value and experience, a few choice shots of your educational program and your social events should do it. Investing in the virtual experience now is an investment for the future of your face-to-face.

Surprise and delight potential leads

Have you lost attendees’ attention? Registration lagging? Know a few top-level decision makers you NEED at your event? Why not whet their appetite by inviting them into your virtual event? Consider a “surprise and delight” marketing campaign where you send quality leads branded Google Cardboard headsets and share a playlist of your event’s 360 video experience. Not only are you encouraging people to get talking about you and inviting them to re-engage, but you’re also creating brand affinity by delighting your customers in a cost effective way.

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