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How can I implement digital humanization strategies?

In a world beset by the realities of automation, there is something powerful about connecting on a human level. Your audience is bombarded by advertising every day, so what strategies can you employ to make you stand out in an overly-saturated crowd? It’s all about being more human. By creating a sense of community and leveraging digital tribalism you can start to create relationships based on authenticity and trust. This in turn will create a loyal audience willing to promote your message to their tribe. 51% of marketers get more sales from influencer marketing. (click to tweet)


So how do you take your content from “meh” to “yeah!”? Here are a few strategies on how you can implement digital humanization and get people invested in your message.

Be the Obi Wan to their Skywalker

They’re not just leads and conversion numbers; your audience consists of real, flesh and bone humans. And they have a story to tell. Stop talking about yourself so much and consider positioning yourself as a platform that will help them amplify their story. Approach your audience as the “Hero” and cast yourself as a potential problem solver in their own personal adventure. Park Howell, brand story strategist at The Business of Story, explains “your brand is the mentor in the story, the Obi Wan Kenobi to your customer’s Luke Skywalker.” Content strategies that feature your attendee’s story will help you focus more on the people you are there to serve and demonstrates your humility and appreciation for their loyalty.

Be real

Oh, those pesky millennials…forcing marketers to ditch old push-marketing strategies and be more *gasp* authentic. Consumers are quickly changing how they make purchasing decisions, and much of this hinges on how they view your brand.  Only about 1% of millennials are influenced by ads, but if your content starts from the core of your organization’s philosophy, your message will more likely be perceived as relatable, personal and unique. Don’t be afraid to break down the fourth wall and share your process. Letting your audience have a peek behind the curtain helps develop a much-needed trust relationship. Consider a content strategy that takes your audience behind the scenes and brings them along for the ride.   

Empower your team

Engaging your team to champion your message will help you create a nucleus of trust not only internally but to your audience as well. 41% of people believe employees are more credible than the CEO or PR Department. Trusting your team and allowing them to be ambassadors for your brand shows a confidence in your organizational message that will not be lost on your audience. Check out these great steps on setting up a successful, sustainable employee brand education program.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is all the rage. It is the zenith of word-of-mouth marketing that will not only put a face to your message but will help deepen trust in your organization. Nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer and 51% of marketers get more sales from influencer marketing. But like anything, engaging with influencers needs to be strategic and thought-out. Having a race-car driver promote your dentistry association event probably won’t get you much traction. Start out with this great resource on how to use influencer marketing to augment your message and build trust for your brand.

The Bernie effect

Call it the Bernie Sanders effect, but the more you make your audience feel like you’re listening to them and that you care, the more you will connect with them on a deep level and, even better, move them to act. How do you connect in an overcrowded market with a hyper-saturated audience? Be present, be responsive, be empathetic and speak their language. Letting them know you are there through the good times AND the bad will help you build trust and rapport.

They wanna have fun

Sure, humour can be risky. But think back on what made you click and share something to your network recently. Remember that ruggedly handsome yet ultimately absurd Old Spice Man? Of course you do. What made that campaign so memorable was how fun it was. And just because your organization is serious doesn’t mean all your marketing has to be. Humour is one of the most powerful emotional appeals in advertising. But leveraging humour must also be a strategic decision. Use this great quick starter on how to use humour effectively in your content.

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